Future Projects

Creation of a German longitudinal vocabulary corpus

Judith Kalinowski and Nivedita Mani

We are currently collecting longitudinal vocabulary data from children at the age of 15-35 months by sending online questionnaires to caregivers. The questionnaires do not only contain questions about the child's active and passive vocabulary, but additionally ask about information about the caregivers and the child's surrounding, i.e, time spent at daycare or watching TV.

We will make these data available online so that everyone can use it for their own research. However, we also aim to analyse the data with the goal of answering questions about:

(1) How individual vocabularies grow (INT versus EXT, see e.g. Laing, 2021, Fourtassi et al., 2020), and what influence phonological and semantic connectedness have.

(2) How the educational level of the caregivers, the socio-economic status, time spent in daycare etc. influences vocabulary development.

(3) How the vocabulary development of mono-lingual children is different to bi-lingual children.